My Work Life in Pictures

J & G Advertising
J & G AdvertisingAgana, Guam 1973-1976
My first job, at the ripe old age of 16 or 17 working on an old headliner machine. Typesetting was very archaic back then! This job opened my eyes to what I knew would be my life-long passion: graphic design.
Sir Speedy Printing
Sir Speedy PrintingFt. Lauderdale, Florida 1976-1981
As long as I live, you will never catch me wearing another yellow t-shirt! Hired as a “commercial artist” I did paste-up, typesetting (on an IBM typewriter and a Compugraphic machine with no memory) and layed out art for offset printing.
G4 Graphics and Printing
G4 Graphics and PrintingFt. Lauderdale, Florida 1981-1985
I worked with a staff of six other graphic artists, designing loads of creative things the old fashion way, on drawing boards! I was a whiz with an Extaco knife and cutting rubylith overlays. Typesetting equipment now had floppy discs, and I imagine, I typed about one bazillion words.
Discover Magazines
Discover MagazinesYuma, Arizona 1985-1986
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever live here! Long story how I got here, but I landed a great job as Art Director for three magazines covering all the activities up and down the Colorado River. Unfortunately, the magazines went under a year later
 Lorayne's Graphic Angle
Lorayne's Graphic AngleYuma, Arizona 1986-1992
When one door closes, open another. And I did. My first graphic design business! My office was right next door to the recruiting office, so the signs outside read: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Lorayne’s! The business rapidly grew and I had three designers working for me in two short years.
Rayne Daze Creations
Rayne Daze CreationsColorado Springs, Colorado 1992-2003
I moved again, and started a new business that along with graphic design offered custom screen printing. My new studio was in the Depot Arts District, and I loved being around all the other creative artists. I found a niche market in the scuba diving industry and drew lots of tropical fishy T-shirts. Another passion of mine, scuba diving with them!
Faux Fine
Faux FineColorado Springs, Colorado 2003-2006
I took a little detour in 2003, selling my screen printing business to pursue a new passion: faux painting. On walls, and just about anything else that didn’t move. How fun was this? This is a life-size mural of Jesus, that one of my graphic clients requested, and they flew me to California to paint it!
LMG Marketing & Graphics
LMG Marketing & GraphicsColorado Springs, Colorado 2006 to Present
My true passion, (and old clients) called, so I’m back to doing what I was born to do. They say, do what you love, and I’ve done what I love my whole life. I’m very grateful for my talent, and so are all of my clients! I’d love to help your business build a great resume of marketing material and graphics.