Crashing Waves


Crashing Waves Waves crashing on the black lava rocks of Maui. The shorelines on the island of Maui are strewn with black lava rocks. When an incoming tropical storm [...]

Breaking Waves


Breaking Waves Turquoise breaking waves cresting in a turbulent ocean, with white caps and foam. After a trip to Maui, I watched the giant waves and surf that an [...]

The Overlook


The Overlook The Overlook started as a beach shoreline, but something was off with it. The beach looked weird, and I was having problems trying to fix it, so [...]

Misty Morning


Misty Morning A surreal painting of a misty morning in a fantasy landscape creates a calming effect. The reflective river carves out small tidal pools and pockets of water. [...]

Dark River


Dark River A dark river flows through a landscape of trees in deep browns and blues. Rivulets of cascading paint fall freely from the rocky foreground. A spontaneous watercolor [...]

Cliff Dwellings


Cliff Dwellings Colorado has many ancient cliff dwellings. One of the most preserved and popular archeological sites in southwest Colorado is Mesa Verde National Park. I visited there in [...]

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